International Children's Network & the Liberian theater

International Children's Network (ICN) seeks to raise awareness and educational sponsorship to orphaned and at-risk children in developing nations. Currently, approximately 4,000 children are sponsored through ICN, and several schools are being funded. By doing so, every child will be on equal footing with their nation's most privileged children to educate them through university level. They will return to their villages to help other children who are in the same condition they once were, in order to break the cycle of utter dependency and despair and replace it with empowerment and hope!


The Matsiko World Orphan Choir is the flagship vehicle of ICN bringing together an inspirational touring/performing show with children (ages 7-13) from India, Liberia, Uganda, Peru, Philippines & Nepal. Matsiko is a Ugandan word for "hope". This word embodies both the children and the songs that they sing. Through the Matsiko World Orphan Choir, thousands of children will be reached with the hope of a brighter future.

WellConnected has worked closely with ICN for many years, and in 2017 helped to fund their Liberian theater. The theater is the first theater built in Liberia and in September 2018 hosted it's first ever play, The Wiz. The play was a monumental achievement for the choir and for the whole country as it marked a step toward propelling the country into a more advanced state of being. 

Being contributors to the theater project, WellConnected was honored to play a role in this long sought-after goal of providing a location for the current Matsiko choir kids to perform and for the kids for years to come. 

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